Mark’s world record stunt jump

Mark’s world record stunt jump

On this momentous day Salvo Cachia helped secure double amputee veteran, Mark Allens place in the Guiness World Record books by coaching him through a heart stopping dare-devil jump off a ramp in a converted Jaguar car.

“Mark Allen has become the Guiness World Record holder for the furthest jump in a car with hand controls- says Salvo. Mark was seriously injured whilst on an operational tour of Afghanistan with the British Army just over a year ago. He lost both his legs in an explosion and received other injuries to his body. Mark has always had a passion for motor sport and wanted to experience the thrill of completing a hair raising stunt. There were a lot of hurdles to overcome during the stunt”- says Salvo Cachia, “one of them being that Mark has to use hand controls when driving as he cannot use the traditional pedals in a car. We went through some basic driving techniques to start with, then speed control, emergency scenarios, brace positions and of course how to quickly dismount the vehcle after the stunt”.

“The stunt took place a Buxton Raceway near Leek, Staffordshire, in the United Kingdom. It’s quite high up in the Penines, so the weather is pretty much always bleak to say the least”- says Salvo Cachia. “It was very windy with gusts up to 42Mph on the day and sharp rain and hail. We went over the jump a few more times, had a practice run and then did our final checks on the car and with Mark about an hour before the big moment. Mark was pumped, I was pumped and it was time to go. Mark hurtled around the track for the 2000+ strong crowd that were there to support him, gaining speed as he entered the final few turns on the track- without fear Mark accelerated using the hand controls and focused his mind on what he was about to do! He hit the ramp at about 60 Mph and the car flew through an explosion of fireworks and smoke”.

“It was such a great event and the crowd were going wild with Marks success. I was very proud to be a part of something so special to Mark. I’m glad the stunt worked out as planned!”

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