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About Salvo

A Film & stunt Driver

With an outstanding career as a professional driver and over 25 years of coaching experience, Salvo Cachia brings both his passion and expertise to the set, helping you believe & achieve incredible results!


Salvo’s passion for driving began when he was 7 years old. Racing back from school in the UK on his pedal go-kart he soon became quite the speed demon we all know today. As a teenager, Salvo started in the UK stock car racing circuit, dominating events, Salvo quickly progressed to the European stock car series, taking the podium on several occasions.


Salvo wanted speed, adrenaline and action, and soon found himself racing in the world famous trophy andros race in the French Alps. Once again, the podium was in sight. After a long and distinguished racing career, Salvo now specialises in precision stunt driving for block buster Hollywood films, music videos, series, TV shows and commercials. He also coaches drivers, co-ordinates stunts and advises DOP’s.


Salvo also plays a vital role within the charity organisation KartForce- where he coaches and trains injured veterans all over the UK to compete in motor-sport events. Working very closely with double amputee Mark Allen, Salvo helped secure his place in the Guiness World Record books for the longest car jump by a double amputee. Salvo continues this work to help injured soldiers reach their dreams.

Salvo Cachia

What some of Salvo's clients say

"Salvo's driving skills are out of this world, EPIC, heart racing, adrenaline packed productions that really made the film come to life"
- Carrie B
- Fox
"Salvo advised us how best to get a dramatic effect as safely as possible. It's true what they say- this guy is phenomenol!"
- Tammy T
"Professional....Check. Safe.... Check. Balls of steel....Check. Great guy to work with?.. Check!"
- Steve M
-Creative Labs Inc
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